- Monographs -

DAY FOR NIGHT Deadbeat Club,
Boundary Hunt Poursuite, France
Falling Water The Velvet Cell,Germany
Painting/Toshio Shibata Chose Commune, France
Gas Stations: 1982 & 1986 Nazraeli Press, USA
Japanscapes The Velvet Cell,Germany
Toshio Shibata/Laurent Ney MER. Paper Kunsthalle, Belgium
YODAKA Nazraeli Press, USA
Concrete Abstraction Akio Nagasawa Publishing, Japan
The Red Bridge iKi, France
Contacts Poursuite, France
Expressway 1986Expressway 1986 Expressway 1986 Nazraeli Press, USA
for Grey Akio Nagasawa Publishing, Japan
a View Akio Nagasawa Publishing, Japan
LANDSACAPE / Shibata Toshio Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Ryoko Yomiuri Publication, INC, Japan
LANDSACPE 2 Nazraeli Press, USA
Still in the night Soh Gallery, Japan
coming with original print and slip case DAM Nazraeli Press, USA
Type 55 Nazraeli Press, USA
Toshio Shibata Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA
Toshio Shibata/
The Quintessence of Japan
Sprengel Museum,Germany
Available! LANDSCAPE Nazraeli Press, USA
Terra TERRA Toshi Shuppan Publishers, Japan
Visions of Japan Korinsha Press, Japan
Not Available PHOTOGRAPHS Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co. Japan